Getting ready

Before hitting the road

Make sure you're prepared to come to retreat. The great outdoors is no joke. You wouldn't want to get eaten by bears or left behind. (Just kidding about the bears, bears don't eat people. But seriously, don't miss the bus.)

Catch the bus

The fun-filled bus ride leaves at 11am on 8/2 from your church. Be late at your own peril.

Note: No one under 19 is allowed to drive. If you can't make the bus, you'll need a parent/counselor to drive you up.

Pack your stuff

You are allowed only ONE piece of luggage (plus a sleeping bag and a backpack) so pack wisely. For example, you should probably just leave your giant teddy bear at home.


  • Bible (a paper one, preferably)
  • a pen or two
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • appropriate clothing
  • warm clothing (it's chilly at night)
  • toiletries
  • open heart
  • good attitude


  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses and/or hat
  • sandals
  • towel
  • appropriate swimwear
  • flashlight
  • re-sealable snacks
  • bug spray


  • electronics (unplug!)
    • iPad/tablets
    • laptops
    • cameras
    • cell phone (but there's no reception)
  • skates/skateboards/bikes
  • anything illegal
*Will be confiscated if spotted.

Know the dress code

This is a church youth retreat, so please do not dress in a way that will cause someone else to stumble. Be respectful; dress modestly!

♀ Girls

  • One piece swimsuit (or a shirt to wear in the pool).
  • No spaghetti, halter, or strapless tank tops.
  • No low-cut tops.
  • Do not show your tummy.
  • No short shorts.

♂ Guys

  • No speedos.